Trent Larson












Home town: Farmingto Mn

Occupation: Owner Ultimate Car Care

Make/Model/Year: 2000 Chevy Camaro

Weight: 2550

Engine: 665 Olds

Engine Builder: Knowlton Thunderheads and Race Engines

Heads: Big Chief

Intake: Fabricated

Carbuerator: Pro System Dominators

Transmission: Arbuzzi Glide

Convertor: Hughs

Power Adders: 2 Systems Nitrous



Best MPH:190

Best ET:7.09


What organizations do you race with: Dark Side Racing

Crew: Tyler Larson Crew Chief,  Kevin Kuehn Crew

Sponsors/ shout outs : Ultimate Car Care Dukes Race Shop Knowlton Thunderheads and Race Engines