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Chelsea Lofald


Age: 23

Home town: Hermantown, MN

Occupation: In college for RN, currently working as a manager at Casa Latte

Make/Model/Year: Chevy Camaro 1971

Weight: 3,550

Engine: 385 sbc

Engine Builder: Lance Line

Block: Stock

Crank: Eagle steel

Rods:  Eagle H-beam

Pistons: JE 13:1 nitrous pistons

Heads: Pro Topline

Intake: Single plane manifold

Exhaust: Hooker super comps

Carbuerator: 1050 dominator

Fuel system: Mallory

Transmission: TH400 w/brake

Convertor: TCI

Reareand:  9” ford 4.11 gears, spool

Front Suspension: Stock

Rear Suspension: CalTracs

Brakes F/R: stock

Wheels: Centerline warriors

Tires: DOT hoosier slicks

Power Adders: NOS cheater

Best 60′: 1.552 naturally aspirated
Best MPH: 118.8 (no NOS)
Best ET: 11.21 (no NOS)
Wins: Finished 6th in points for BIR muscle car series 2012

What organizations do you race with:

Crew: John Lofald (brother) Michael Lofald (father)

Sponsors/ shout outs : Line performance, Everything Automotive


I would like to give a big thanks to all my family and friends that have helped and supported me.  I would especially like to thank my brother John who has, not only encouraged me to race but, has been my mentor, crew chief, and teacher.  I would also like to thank my late brother Joe Lofald whom I inherited this car from, after his passing in April of 2011.  I do this for you big bro! God Speed