Dan Boyko

                  Name: Dan Boyko Age: 49 Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Occupation: Dentist Make/Model/Year: 2000 Pontiac Firebird Weight: 3600 lbs Engine: 540 BBC Reher Morrison Engine Engine Builder: Block: Dart Big M block Crank: Bryant Billet Crank Rods: GRP Alum Pistons: JE Pistons Camshaft: LSM 60mm Heads: Darin […]

Mark Gjavenis

Age: 49 Home town: Apple Valley Occupation: Centurylink tech Make/Model/Year: Chevy/300 Deluxe/1965 Weight:3860  w/driver Engine:540 Engine Builder: Competition Engines Block:Dart Big M Crank: Callies Rods:Oliver Pistons: JE Camshaft:Comp Heads:AFR 385cc Intake: Edelbrock Victor Exhaust: 4″Dynomax Carbuerator/ Fuel injection system: C&S E85 aerosol billet blo-thru Fuel system:Magnafuel 750 Transmission: Powerglide Convertor/ Clutch:PTC Reareand: Currie 9+ /35 […]

Trent Larson

                    Age:47 Home town: Farmingto Mn Occupation: Owner Ultimate Car Care Make/Model/Year: 2000 Chevy Camaro Weight: 2550 Engine: 665 Olds Engine Builder: Knowlton Thunderheads and Race Engines Heads: Big Chief Intake: Fabricated Carbuerator: Pro System Dominators Transmission: Arbuzzi Glide Convertor: Hughs Power Adders: 2 Systems Nitrous […]

Ryan McCafferty

                Ryan McCafferty Age: 28 Home town: Duluth MN Occupation: Annex opperator at General Mills Make/Model/Year: Chevrolet c10 1980 Weight: 4025 Engine: 468 BBC Engine Builder: Line Performance machine work/Matt Johnson and myself assembly Block: Stock Chevrolet Crank: Eagle Rods: Eagle Pistons: CP Camshaft: Comp roller Heads: AFR […]

Dan Weissmann

                      Dan Weissmann Age:36   Home town: Red Wing (Hometown) North Branch now   Occupation:GM Mater Technician   Make/Model/Year: 1987 Buick Grand National   Weight:3630   Engine:233 v6   Engine Builder: built by me, machined at Hye Tech performance from California   Block: Factory block […]

Chelsea Lofald

                      Chelsea Lofald   Age: 23 Home town: Hermantown, MN Occupation: In college for RN, currently working as a manager at Casa Latte Make/Model/Year: Chevy Camaro 1971 Weight: 3,550 Engine: 385 sbc Engine Builder: Lance Line Block: Stock Crank: Eagle steel Rods:  Eagle H-beam Pistons: […]

Scott Seaton

                Age:35 Home town: Eagan,MN Occupation: Paintless Dent Removal Make/Model/Year:  1966 Chevy II Nova Weight:  3080 w/driver Engine: 412 sbc Engine Builder: Ron Flood (Cedar Machine Service) Block: Dart Little M Crank: Callies Rods: Manley Pistons: Ross Camshaft: Comp Cams Roller Heads:  Trick Flow 18degree (reworked by Frank […]

Dave Sash

                Age: 43   Home town: Duluth, MN Occupation: Automotive tech   Make/Model/Year:  Chev Nova 1962   Weight: 3300   Engine: 632   Engine Builder:Big block Shawn   Block:Merlin   Crank:  Callies   Rods: Oliver   Pistons: JE   Camshaft: Unknown   Heads: Dart 360   Intake: Dart Tunel ram […]

Jesse Nelson

              Jesse Nelson Age: 36 Home town: Mountain Iron Occupation: Mining equipment mechanic Make/Model/Year:  Chevrole  Chevelle 1970 Weight:  4110 lbs Engine: Twin Turbo 540″ Engine Builder: Shafiroff, Line Performance, and myself Block: Dart Crank: Callis magnum Rods: Oliver billet Pistons: diamond Camshaft: Solid roller speced by Bullet Cams Heads: AFR […]

Joseph Wilczek

                Joseph Wilczek Age: 33 Home town: Little Falls Occupation: Electronics Technician Make/Model/Year: 2000 Ford Mustang Weight: 2535 Engine: 292 Ford Engine Builder: Me Block: SVO Crank: LA Billet Rods: Crower Pistons: CP Camshaft: Predator Heads: Yates C3 Intake:  Zonkz Sheetmetal Exhaust:  Zonkz SS Headers Fuel injection system: […]