2016 Racecraft inc / Racecarrevolution.com Street Radial Rules

Racecraft Inc / Race Car Revolution.com Street Radial Class
Class Description: Street Radial 2016
Street Radial is a heads-up class designed for factory style door cars and trucks from any major OEM manufacturer.
Competitors will qualify on a .400 pro-tree alternating lanes 1/8 mile
Eliminations will be an all run format on a Pro ladder. Qualifying rounds, will be held prior to eliminations, must alternate lanes!
In order to compete in eliminations, a competitor must make at least 1 qualifying pass.
Permitted Tires:
Any radial tire up to a 275 or 26x 8.5 slicks
Small block N/A allowed up to a 28×10.5 non “w”
Lexan front windshields door glass and rear windows will be allowed, as well as fiberglass replacement body panels. No forward facing hood scoops except on N/A combos, No fiberglass front clips
Front suspension modifications are limited to bolt-in replacement components.
Factory front frame rails must be in stock, unaltered position, trimming allowed.
Stock firewall must be retained and in stock location.
Minor notching for clearance of bell housing, distributor, supercharger or intercooler permitted.
Bolt-on replacement aftermarket front sub-frames are allowed for the 62-74 Chevy 2 / Nova, and the 67-81 Camaro / Firebird.
Stock type rear suspension or ladder bar rear suspension permitted. Aftermarket 4-links are not allowed.
Stock rear frame rails required.
Minor notching of outer portion of frame rails for tire clearance only permitted.
Inboard section of rear frame rails must remain stock, unaltered, and in factory location.
Aftermarket anti-roll bars and coil-over shocks permitted.
Wheelie bars are not allowed.
– All entries must utilize a single entry cast intake manifold.
– Motor plates and solid mounts are allowed.
– Engine must be in stock location.
– Mufflers are required on all vehicles (except turbos).
-No billet blocks or cylinder heads.

– Progressive nitrous controllers are allowed.
– All turbos and superchargers must be as manufactured from factory
– Gear driven supercharger allowed
– Single stage N20 kits only
– Single turbo/blower only
– No dual power adders (example: N20 to spool turbo)
– Cast tunnel ram with 4150 carbs allowed on sb/na
Any OEM type automatic or manual transmissions allowed.
Manual transmissions must be clutch assisted (except Naturally Aspirated Small Block Cars)
Aftermarket heavy-duty cases allowed.
Air shifters and trans-brakes are allowed.
Stock style headlights and tail lights are required!
Must pass all NHRA Safety Requirements, including chassis certification and driver’s license requirements.
Minimum base Weights (All minimum weights include the driver):
– SB N/A 2600 lbs
– BB N/A conventional head 3000lbs
– BB N/A big chief style head 3100lbs
– BB N20 conventional heads only 3350 lbs ( .082 orifice jet max Single entry plate 1x fuel 1xnitrous) Engines based on Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile , or Mopar No jet limit single entry plate 1 x fuel 1 x nitrous)
– SB supercharger 3150lbs (Up to a F1C/YSI )
– SB turbo 3200lbs (up to 80mm Measured at inlet )
– SB N20 Plate 3200 lbs (.098 jet limit on plates)(single entry no jet limit) ( .034 orifice jet on fogger )
– SB N20 Conventional heads 3100 lbs ( .098 jet limit on dual entry plates) (.034 orifice jet on fogger)
Jet orifice sizes will be check at plate or fogger nozzle.
Weight Variances:
– Shock and spring in factory locations deduct 75 lbs (may uses aftermarket
Springs and shocks.
– V6 entries deduct 150 lbs.
– 4cyl entries deduct 300lbs